Without opening a web browser to look at your website, answer the question: “What is your vision statement?”

The answer should be visceral and automatic.  Muscle memory should kick in.  Your vision statement, and the emotion behind it, should put a pause to any conversation.

Asking about a vision statement really is asking:

  • Why are you here?
  • Where did you start and where are you headed?
  • Does everyone in the company share your vision?  Is it a living vision statement?
  • How does this business challenge fit into the overall company vision?

Business Owners:

  • When was the last time you took the time to review the reason you started your company?
  • Are you consumed with day to day operations challenges that make it hard to get this perspective?
  • Is your vision statement boring, recycled, stale, uninspiring or not ambitious?
  • Is it time to do a ‘heads up’ and get a different perspective?

Make your vision statement as audacious as your growth plans!  

Provisus Partners‘s vision statement: “To be the best and most networked resource in the Atlanta area for small to midsized business owners.“

Learn more about the emerging field of fractional COOs at www.ProvisusPartners.com.


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