The website “Go Remotely” reports that only 14% of the CEOs have the talent they need to take their company to the next level.

Do you know a small business owner?  There is an 86% chance their employees do not think they have the talent to get to the next level.  You should probably tell them!

Coaching a leader is a specific type of leadership coaching.  The EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)®  approach is different. EOS works with the entire leadership team to create a vision for the company.  Once the leadership team is on the same page the vision can be rolled out to the company.  This means the CEO is surrounded by the company’s best leaders.  Their vision, direction, goals are shared and the leadership team and the entire team acts together.

We want leaders to improve!  The quickest way to leadership growth is through teamwork.

For more information about EOS and how these lessons and tools help leaders follow my company “Provisus Partners” on LinkedIn.



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