Most family businesses that have more than 15 employees has an ‘Aunt Martha.’ Aunt Martha has a negative attitude, makes plenty of mistakes and somehow she has been at the company for 10 years.  How does she keep her job?  Aunt Martha is the owner’s aunt.  Do you know Aunt Martha now?

Joe owns a 40 person construction company.  Joe does not have the heart to fire Aunt Martha.  Since Joe does not have a full-time HR person, he manages Aunt Martha as best as he can.  Every few months Aunt Martha does something that requires ‘a talk’.  The result is the same.  Aunt Martha shapes up for several months before doing something else offensive.  It’s an unfortunate cycle.


I challenged Joe to imagine his company is a person.  If that person could talk about their dreams, expectations, goals what would it say about Aunt Martha’s contribution?


After this exercise, Joe then started talking about how much he disliked management and would rather focus on sales.  Management was a distraction to his company’s growth.

EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) has ways of letting Joe focus on sales.  Following EOS means Joe can reset expectations with Aunt Martha and give her new options.  The GWC tool gets entrepreneurs out of sticky management situations and lets the entrepreneur focus on what they want to focus on.


I can make you to think about your business differently in a free 30 minute conversation.  Schedule your time by going here.


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