Growing a company means dealing with daily contradictions.  For example, hiring a new employee usually means blending new team members with experienced team members.

The new employee is told, “we want your great ideas.” Meanwhile, the experienced team member is told to “maintain the culture and improve output.”  Who wins?

This back and forth process takes time.  What if the back and forth would be decreased because there was a common, known company culture and vision?  What if the new employee understood when they accepted the job the company’s values, focus, and unique place in the market?  Sadly, many companies have not identified these basic things about their business.  Other companies know their core vision but do not communicate this to the organization.  Getting answers to these questions AND communicating those to the entire team is not as hard or intimidating as it seems.

EOS®(Entrepreneurial Operating System) helps define the company’s values, focus, and goals. EOS tracks those in the V/TO and through a proven process, makes sure everyone at the company knows those values.  New employees do not ‘go rogue’ because they understand their bounds.  They spend time focusing on learning their technical job instead of trying to redefine or shape the culture.  New employees understand their personal goals and company goals on day one.

Let me know what contradictions do you see around your workplace by leaving a comment.

See if EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) can help your company’s onboarding process by scheduling a 30-minute consultation.

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