Business leaders come in one of two different personalities.  Both personalities have their strength, and both are needed to grow a company.  When leaders are not aware of their unique personality they incorrectly delegate which leads to frustration and lack of productivity.

Visionaries: drive the company through creative thoughtful innovation.  They are dreamers and they have 10 ideas a week of which 9 are ‘OK’ and 1 of them will launch the company into the next stratosphere.  They can build and grow a company.  They know how to inspire people yet at some point they hit a threshold where they can’t grow the company any larger.

Integrators:  These are detail-oriented people who know how to complement the visionary.  This is the glue in the organization, the one who makes sure the trains run on time.

When visionary leaders do not have a way to channel their enthusiasm, ideas and energy,  they get frustrated.  Visionary leaders want to change direction every 90 days and that’s when the team gets frustration.

Visionary leaders, there are ways to gain traction without a new hire.  An Accountability chart exercise is one way of making sure your team has Traction®.  This gives you the room to dream while knowing the details of the organization are being handled.

Accountability charts are one way to reduce company frustration.  Go here to schedule a complementary 30-minute conversation to learn other ways to identify and reduce unnecessary frustration.

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