Have you scheduled your annual goals review meeting? This year was a big adjustment and it’s time to apply what we have learned to 2021.

Many companies recycle their goals from year to year.  Trust me, I have been there.  Defining goals can be painful when the company’s direction is not exciting.

Recreating the magic that inspired the company goals means suspending disbelief about today’s reality.

The truth is most companies miss their goals because they are not being reviewed and that is because companies lack accountability.  Business owners are not born knowing how to make teams accountable.  Building accountability in a team takes training.

This is why EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) focuses on Traction®.  Traction means making teams accountable.  When the entire team is looking at goals you have living goals.  Those goals don’t roll over from year to year, they get accomplished.

Do you want to learn how Traction is helping companies get clarity, gain traction, and get healthy?  Schedule a free consultation here.

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